Lovecraft Country Now Streaming on HBO

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The time has come for the beloved book to come to life in the anticipated HBO series! Lovecraft Country follows its main character Atticus Black, his friend Letitia, and his Uncle George as they embark on a road trip through Jim Crow South to find Atticus’s father. He has gone missing in search of his family’s ancestral home.

What makes this series unique is that the main character is an African American sci-fi fan who reads and loves the stories of HP Lovecraft, despite the racist connotations with such stories and poems as “The Horror at Red Hook,” and “On the Creation of Niggers.” Atticus is aware of this but remains a Fan of his stories and imagines himself as the main character and hero of his novels and other works by similar authors. Especially as he searches for his missing father. The series combines the struggle of the Civil Rights era with Sci-Fi themes.

This series will be something to talk about and the issues raised to revisit! The first episode premiered on August 16th. Be sure to check it out on Prime Video with an HBO subscription or all HBO outlets and discuss with your friends and open your minds. As well as read the book of the same title by Matt Ruff.

Happy Watching , Librarian Ninja Girl

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